STL Cell Coupons is Recruiting longterm Brand Ambassadors and Advertising Sales Reps for 2020 and the new decade!

St. Louis, MO based Event Marketing, Street Team Management and Entertainment Company is Recruiting BAs for 2020

(Mizzou Crew  LLC Since 2013) 


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We are looking for a few more great Advertising Sales Reps, Face to Face and Business to Business Brand Ambassadors!

Looking for a part to possibly fulltime and flexible opprtunity with high upside??   Please apply here to work with 2 Mile Marketing and Mizzou Crew LLC!  

We need more face to face, business to business brand ambassadors.  Applicants must have 1 year of business to business advertising or event marketing sales. 

Brand Ambassador Position

Part Time Position to Start (Spring 2020 Status)

St. Louis, MO And Surrounding Areas

Salary: $150 to $500 /week  $15-$25+ /hour to start

(plus appointment and sales bonuses) 

Hours:  Appx 10-20 flexible hours per week 

To Apply Please Follow BOTH Steps

1. Email resume to

2. Leave voicemail at 314-774-0909 on our 24/7 Mizzou Crew Recruiting Hotline describing what you would like to possibly do and why you would make a great fit.  Please allow up to 1 month or so for someone to respond.

Mizzou Crew STL Company Background:  Mizzou Crew LLC is a family owned marketing, landscaping and handyman company based in Saint Louis, MO.  See more at 

Landscaping and Handy Man Services:  This is currently our core business as we have hundreds of landscaping and handyman customers all over the Greater Saint Louis, MO area.  We have helped manage and execute over a thousand landscaping and handy man projects since 2004.  We expect this part of our business to grow in 2020!  See more about our STL area landscaping and handy man services by looking up any of our online webpages including and at and

Marketing and Advertising Services:  We also have about 50 marketing customers mostly throughout the St. Louis, MO and other Midwest, USA cities.  Our core focus is advertising cost per response and cost per sale.  We will do whatever it takes to generate new customers for our clients!  We can handle more advertising and marketing campaigns per year mostly because the weather and daylight does not slow us down like it does in outdoor landscaping work!  From street teams to online cell phone coupons to event marketing and more.  See more on some of our "Non-Cookie Cutter" advertising campaigns at

2020 Face to Face B2B Brand Ambassador Position:  We are planning to hire at least 2 Brand ambassadors in the Saint Louis, MO area.  These face to face and business to business Brand Ambassadors at first will hand out letters to business owners.  We are ultimately wanting to set phone appointments with the business owners that are interested in discussing having us help generate new customers for them.  If you do a great job handing letters out we should be able to pick up a few advertising accounts.  That way we can keep you and possibly many more brand ambassadors busy on these “2 Mile Radius Street Team Marketing” Campaigns that have not even been sold yet! 

Face To Face B2B Pay

$15 to $25 base pay per project hour to start 

Hours Per Week:  New BAs start with 4 max project hours per day or 20 max per week.

Position Requirements:

- 1 year of business to business sales experience

- iPad or tablet with internet for presentations

- Excellent communication skills

- High level computer skills

-Ability to email photos and lead sheets

-Ability to map shopping centers or streets visited

Position Responsibilities:

- Follow mostly pre-written scripts and drop by businesses with flyers and promotional materials

- Make phone calls to generate callbacks leads

-Send mostly pre written emails for top prospects

- Email hot leads to sales manager and top 11 leads at the end of each day


-This position is available to start ASAP 

Residential and B2B Street Team  Marketing SERVICES 

(But Not Limited To!) 

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